1)      Company Wide Quality Management (CWQC) is the creation of _________.

ANS : Joseph Juran

2)      The Black Monday(1987) will forever be remembered for one of the steepest slides in Wall Street trading when the DowJones lost hundreds of points in a single day. Can you recount the date?

ANS: Oct. 19

3)      The CAC 40 is the prominent stock index in which country?


4)      The first country to issue Postal Savings accounts in 1883 was ________.


5)      The ‘Krona’ is the currency of which nation?

ANS: Sweden

6)      The parent company of Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken is __________.

ANS: Pepsico International

7)      The first general purpose credit card was issued by _________.

ANS: Diners Club

8)      The telecom giant NOKIA belongs to which nation?

ANS: Finland

9)      The concept of Quality control measures during production was highlighted during WWII when American factories were under pressure to enhance performance. Who is accredited with the widespread implementation of this theory?

ANS: Walter Shewhart

10)  What is a ‘Chaebol’?

ANS:One of the large South Korean consumer goods and manufacturing corporations

11)  Sycamore Inc. is the creation of which Indian American entreprenuer?

ANS: Gururaj Deshpande

12)   Expand NASDAQ.

ANS: National Association of Securities’ Dealers Automated Quotations

13)  A contemporary tyre manufacturer took it’s name from an inventor who lived in the 19th century, even though the formation of the company had nothing to do with his family or assets. Identify him.

ANS: Charles Goodyear

14)  If Ringit is to Malaysia then Baht is to ____________.

ANS: Thailand

15)  ‘The Alchemy of Business formation’ is a module developed by ___________.

ANS: Charles Handy

16)  Here’s one on history. Which automobile giant was suspected to have a hand in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28,1914 which led to the outbreak of WWI?

ANS: Porsche

17)  Which marketting expert said that, “Marketting takes a day to learn, but unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master” ?

ANS: Philip Kotler

18)  Identify the company

Ans: Thai Airways

19)  “Small is beautiful” was coined by which eminent economist?

ANS: E.F. Schumacher

20)  Synergy Communications is the HRD company run by which famous quizmaster?

ANS: Siddhartha Basu

21)  “We are number 2. Why go with us? Because we try harder”. Which brand was this No.2?

ANS: Avis

22)  Which small car in the 1980’s was advertised with the punchline, “If you see a better car, then go buy it.”

ANS: Daimler Chrysler Price

23)  What service did Lloyd’s of London offer before venturing into Marine Insurance?

ANS: Cafe

24)  Which company built the Gateway of India

Ans: Gammon (Bombay) Pvt Ltd. t is also said to be the only construction company in India to have been accredited with ISO 9001: 1994 certification in all fields of civil engineering, including design.

25) This American company originally used to manufacture gunpowder and dynamite (which it still manufactures) – but has now diversified into several fields – notably in Chemicals, Plastics and Fiber based products. Name it.

ANS: Du Pont

26) Back in the 1890s,Three Englishmen – an employee in a lace factory named Kilpin, an employee in a travel agency named Allison and a cobbler named Davies put their proposal to two businessmen – Edwards and Nathan. They wanted to start a sports team. Edwards,president designate, was not known for his generosity and he accepted only because Davies, the cobbler, offered a free workforce and leather to make the players’boots. They named it the _______ Cricket and Football club. Name the club.

ANS: AC Milan

27) ames Tobin, nobel laureate proposed a character symbol as an indicator for the ratio of the value of the company according to the stock exchange it is listed in ( the market capitalisation) to the replacement value of the company’s assets. Which alphabet did he use for his theory?


28) What theory states that some investors will buy even highly over-valued stock, assuming that there’s always someone who will be ready to buy it from them at a higher value?

ANS: The Greater Fools theory

29) Bacardi Martini India is a 74:26 Joint Venture in India. Who holds the 26% (clue – they are in Bangalore)

ANS: Gemini Distilleries

30) Richard Pascale, Tom Peters,Robert Waterman and Anthony Athos have evolved a core management theory which has been accepted in all the G-8 nations. Which one?

ANS: Mckinsey 7S Framework
31) Areez Khambatta in Ahmedabad is credited with being the man behind which famous Indian brand?

ANS: Rasna

32) There was a recent business headline: ‘Doug out, Doug in’. What was being referred to?

ANS: Doug Ivester , CEO of coke was being replaced by Douglas Daft

33) The Indian Economy was characterized by decades of slow but consistent growth that later came to be known as the ” Hindu Rate of Growth “. Name the person to first coin the term ” Hindu Rate of Growth

ANS: Robert McNamara

34) What is the French equivalent of the Stock Exchange?

ANS: The Bourse

35)  ‘I know’ is an online e letter of which service?

Ans: Tata Indicom. For all of you who thought it is Apple.. we will say that it is an excellent try.

36) Shekhar Kapoor’s ‘Bandit Queen’ used an innovative marketing strategy for the first time in India to woo a certain section of the audience. Later the same strategy was followed during the screening of ‘Kamasutra’?

ANS: Separate shows for women

37) Connect: Shyam Benegal, Alyque Padamsee, Mukesh Pant, CEO of Reebok and PM Sinha the CEO of Pepsi.

ANS: They all worked for Levers

38) Meiland of France, Kordes & Tantau of Germany and De Ruiter of Netherlands control 70% of the world market for?

ANS: Roses

39) Which is the first Indian company to be listed on the NASDAQ?

ANS: Infosys

40) What indispensable aid to modern managers was first used by Roy Tomlinson of Bolt,

Beranek & Newman – a Cambridge, Massachusetts based firm of consulting engineers, in the 1950’s?

ANS: Email

41) Following the huge success of Hotmail and its eventual sellout to Microsoft, what is the name of the new venture planned by Sabeer Bhatia?

ANS: Arzoo! Inc.

42) ‘No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money’. Who made this remark?

ANS: Dr.Johnson

43) The design for it was taken from a medallion showing the head of Queen Victoria designed by William Wyon. They were done in groups of 240. It was changed after 11 months and about 6 million survive today. What is it?

ANS: Penny Black

44) Which fruit gets it’s name from the Morroccan port from where it used to be exported to England?

ANS: Tangerine

45) What was invented in 1879 by American cafe owner James Ritty who called it the thief catcher?

ANS: Cash register

46) Guillermo Vilas is the second Argentine sportsperson to be honoured with the Key to the city of Buenos Aires.Who was the first?

ANS: Juan Manuel Fangio

47) Ads for which product feature the following – a raunchy novel(Fantasies), Perfume and a registered package.

ANS: VIP Frenchie underwear

48) What did the Pandavas ultimately decide to do after the exile when the Kauravas refused to return their kingdom?

ANS: Fight the Kauravas

49) Which company is behind the creation of Computer Mouse?

Ans. Xerox. Yes it is the Photocopying Giant that is instrumental in creation of the Mouse!

50) It comes from the Phoenician word meaning ‘house’. It is said to have had it’s origins in a hieroglyphic sign for the ‘ladder’ and others continue to insist that it comes from the sign for crane. What?

ANS: The letter ‘B’

51) M.M.Hasham’s family business of rice exports was lost when the Government nationalised it in 1941. Undettered he plunged into the oil business and founded Western India Vegetable Products. At the time of his death his company was doing reasonably well with their two established brands called Sunflower and Camel. His son took over and they have now entered a new field under what name?

ANS: Wipro

52)  The head of this business family is conferred the honorary title of The Earl of Iveagh.Which?

ANS: Guinness

53) Paul S. Otellini is the CEO of which famous company?

Ans: Intel

54) Hindustan’s Motors Ambassador adapted its model from which Company?

ANS: Morris Oxford (British)

55) Name the world’s largest Live Entertainment Company?

ANS: Spectacular Fun Excitement (SFX)

56) What is the name of the Belgium’s National Airline?

ANS: SABENA- Societe Anonyme Belge dExploitation de la Navigation Aeriene

57) Name the Company founded by Acharya P.C.Ray and Rajsekar Bashu in the early 1920s?

ANS: Bengal Chemicals

58) Initially it was started as ‘Brahmanara Cofee Club’in 1924 and changed the name in 1951 to the present one.In 1976,during emergency,it started instant foods business due to the price controls imposed by the Indira Gandhi Government.Identify this successful desi company/brand?

ANS: MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Rooms)

59) From the following identify the Corporate.”Since 1935,We have given millions of apples to countless daily visitors to the agency worldwide”.

ANS: Leo Burnett

60) What is the commercial Trade name of Monosodium Glutamate?

ANS: Ajinomotto

Compiled by Surya on 25/1/2011

©2011 SURYA


Biz quiz:(07-11-2010)

Question: Which vehicle took its name from the fact that it was made to be used for general purposes?
Answer: Jeep (GP)

Question: What is the name of the mascot on the bonnet of a Rolls Royce?
Answer: The spirit of ecstasy

Question: Who invented jeans?
Answer: Levi Straus

Question: Which company owns ‘Hotmail’, the Internet based e-mail system?
Answer: Microsoft

Question: South Africa is the world’s largest producer of 3 metals. Platinum and Gold are 2 of them, what’s the third?
Answer: Chromite

Question: Which designer is credited with inventing the mini-skirt?
Answer: Mary Quant

Question: Which car is featured in the film Back to the Future?
Answer: De Lorean

Question: The Baht is the monetary unit of which country?
Answer: Thailand

Question: What is the national airline of Spain?
Answer: Iberia

Question: Which was the first company formed to manufacture motor cars?
Answer: Daimler

Question: Which car manufacturer uses a badge consisting of 4 interlocked circles?
Answer: Audi

Question: In which country is Sikorsky Helicopters’ head office?
Answer: America

Question: What is the currency of Turkey?
Answer: Lira

Question: Which company manufactured Lancaster bomber?
Answer: Avro

Question: How many old pennies were there in Half a Crown?
Answer: 30

Question: In which country are Saab cars manufactured?
Answer: Sweden

Question: Excluding India name 2 other countries that use the rupee as currency.
Answer: India, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Seychelles and Sri Lanka.

Question: London’s Drury Lane is associated with which industry?
Answer: Theatre

Question: What commodity is traditionally measured in units called a Truss?
Answer: Hay/Straw

Question: What is the national airline of Spain?
Answer: Iberia

Question: What is the national airline of Ireland?
Answer: Aer Lingus

Question: What clothes designer said: ‘A woman is as old as her knee’?
Answer: Mary Quant

Question: Complete this advertising slogan ‘Murraymints, Murraymints…’?
Answer: The too good to hurry mints.

Question: Apart from water, what is the most widely consumed drink in the world, Coffee, Tea or Coca-Cola?
Answer: Tea

Question: What is Colombia’s chief export?
Answer: Cocaine

Question: What is the official currency of Portugal?
Answer: Euro

Question: What company was formerly known as Computing Tabulating Recording Company?
Answer: IBM

Question: What is Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken’s last name?
Answer: Carson

Question: Which car company owns Jaguar?
Answer: Ford

Question: What is the most famous product manufactured by the American company Anheuser Busch?
Answer: Budweiser beer

Question: What breed of dog advertises Dulux Paint’ on TV?
Answer: Old English sheepdog

Question: With regard to the record label what do the initials RCA stand for?
Answer: Radio Corporation of America

Question: Which drink was named by its inventor after rejecting the first six names that were offered?
Answer: 7 Up

Question: JVC launched VHS format in 1976, but what does VHS stand for?
Answer: Video Home system

Question: Which country is Red Stripe lager originally from?
Answer: Jamaica

Question: Whose autobiography was entitled ‘Losing my Virginity’?
Answer: Richard Branson

Question: What is the name of Hong Kong’s airline?
Answer: Cathay Pacific

Question: What was introduced by Barclays Bank for the 1st Time on June 17th 1967?
Answer: First Cash Dispenser (ATM)

Question: Which goldsmith and jeweller was famous for ornate easter eggs?
Answer: Peter Faberge

Question: Which company is responsible for ‘Mates’ condoms?
Answer: Virgin

Question: Who designed the original 1936 Volkswagon?
Answer: Ferdinand Porsche

Question: What won the toy of the year award in both 1980 and 1981?
Answer: The Rubik’s Cube

Question: What does CNN stand for on the TV or Internet?
Answer: Cable News Network

Question: What was the first country to issue postage stamps?
Answer: Great Britain

Question: What was the name of the Japanese virtual pets that became very popular throughout the world in 1997?
Answer: Tamagotchi

Question: Which company who make toy cars and other models won the first toy of the year award in 1965 for a model Aston Martin from the first James Bond film?
Answer: Corgi

Question: What is the subject of speciality publishing company Haynes?
Answer: Car manuals

Question: Which company sponsors both Manchester United and the England Cricket team?
Answer: Vodaphone

Question: The Citizen is a tabloid newspaper. What is the Star?
Answer: Broadsheet

Question: What was the only type of wood used by Thomas Chippendale?
Answer: Mahogany

Question: Which company based in Clemont-Ferrand, is the largest producer of tyres in France and is now involved in Formula One racing?
Answer: Michelin.

Question: In which country was the Audi car first made?
Answer: Germany

Question: Walter Fredrick Morrison sold the rights to his ‘Pluto Platter’ in 1955, but under what name did this toy become popular?
Answer: Frisbee

Question: What do the initials ‘MG’ stand for on the British made car?
Answer: Morris Garage

Question: What is the name of the USA’s national rail network?
Answer: AMTRAC

Question: Which company opened the first Burger Restaurant in Britain in 1954?
Answer: Wimpy

Question: What did Martin Stone invent in 1888 that millions of suckers use every day?
Answer: Drinking Straw

Question: On what street in London is the Bank of England situated?
Answer: Threadneedle Street

Question: What name did the Standard Oil Co. of California adopt?
Answer: ESSO

Question: What giant car company almost went out of business in 1981?
Answer: Chrysler


1. Hasbro has a tie up with Funskool India to market its toys and games in India. Name the
parent company of Funskool.

Ans: MRF

2. The ad featuring Moon Moon Sen’s daughter Riya Dev Varma for Nirma lime Soap looks very similar to the Liril ad. Could it be because it was directed by the same person? Who directed them?

Ans: Kailash Surendranath

3. Name the newspaper started by industrialist Vijaypath Singhania of the J.K. Group.

Ans: The Indian Post

4. What does TIMES stand for in the name of TIMES Television, the Television division of Bennett and Coleman Ltd.

Ans: Television for Information, Music, Entertainment and Sports

5. A Bombay based jewellery house launched a range of earrings called H.B. a couple of years ago. Why were they called H.B. ?

Ans: After Henry Blofeld the popular cricket commentator known for his penchant for earrings

6. When Henry Ford died, amongst his last possessions was a test tube. What did it supposedly contain?

Ans: The last breath of Thomas Alva Edison

7. Which Indian businessman was part of the design team at Intel that designed the Intel 80486 microprocessor?

Ans: Rajeev Chandrasekhar of BPL

8. In which merchant bank did P.G.Wodehouse work for two years?

Ans: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

9. To which company did the shipment of tea destroyed by the American colonists during the Boston Tea Party in 1773 belong?

Ans: The East India Company

10. What was advertised with the slogan “You press the button and we do the rest” ?

Ans: Kodak

11. What is an unrhymed Japanese poem of  3 lines, containing 17 syllables called? It is also the name of an Indian saree range.

Ans: Haiku

12. Honda advertised in the 1960s with the line “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”. Which Indian automobiles advertised two decades later with the same line?

Ans: Kinetic Honda and Contessa

13. Which brand created a sensation by sticking a Ford Cortina to a billboard at a busy junction in London?

Ans: Araldite

14. During Wimbledon 1995 Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi played a mock tennis match at Trafalgar Square in London. Why?

Ans: To shoot a commercial for Nike

15. Which Indian brand combined the Coke and Pepsi ad slogans to come up with the line “The real thing is the choice of the new generations”?

Ans: London Pilsner Beer

16. What was launched in 1959 in Kansas by the Carney Brothers?

Ans: Pizza Hut

17. The highest ever wicket partnership in England was between Herbert Sutcliffe and Percy Holmes in 1923 against Essex in Leyton. How is this significant to the present day corporate world?

Ans: They scored 555 runs giving 555 cigarettes their name

18. Complete this line “There is but one cup to win, eleven proud people, twelve proud nations, lean to win the cup ________ .

Ans: Share the Magic

19. What food item was patented in 1830 and called ‘Dr. Miles compound Tomato extract’?

Ans: Tomato Ketchup

20. Which Indian clothing brand gets its name from Greek for ‘Circle of Animals’?

Ans: Zodiac

21. Which industrialist – Philanthropist donated $800,00 for the land on which the U.N. General Assembly has been built?

Ans: John D. Rockefeller Jr.

22. Ken Follett has written a book ‘On the wings of Eagles’ which deals with the true story of how 40 odd employees of an American Company EDS corporation escaped from Iran when caught in the Islamic Revolution. Who owns EDS and appears throughout the book?

Ans: Ross Perot

23. 17 year old Rudyard Kipling roamed India as Assistant Editor of the Civil and Military Gazette, Lahore. He then wrote ‘Soldiers Three’ a series of short tales that launched a pervasive, nation wide enterprise which exists to date. What?

Ans: The A.H.Wheeler publishing House and chain of bookstores

24. What is a ‘Sen’ in monetary terms?

Ans: 1/100th of a Yen

25. Which brand derives its name from the Japanese God of Mercy?

Ans: Canon from Kwanon

26. Following the super success of Food World, the Spencers Group has launched two other chains of superstores. Name them.

Ans: Music World and Health&Glow

27. Which Indian newspaper advertises with the line “Why settle for anything else”?

Ans: The Statesman

28. Ads for which Indian product feature the following – a raunchy novel titled ‘fantasies’, perfume and a registered postal package?

Ans: VIP Frenchie

29. Which Indian newspaper claims along with its price on the masthead that ‘One Paise goes to charity for every issue sold”.

Ans: The Afternoon Despatch and Courier

30. This was the classification of the highest quality of ships, by the Lloyds shipping Registrar of the world famous insurance association Lloyds. It has now become a phrase in the language meaning something of superior quality. What?

Ans: The term ‘A-1’

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