1) Afghanistan

Coat of Arms of Afghanistan

2) Armenia

Coat of arms of Armenia

3) Azerbaijan

Coat of arms of Azerbaijan

4) Bahrain

Coat of arms of Bahrain

5) Bangladesh

National Emblem of Bangladesh

6) Bhutan

Bhutan Emblem

7) Brunei

Coat of Arms of Brunei

8) Cambodia

Royal Arms of Cambodia

9) China

National Emblem of the People’s Republic of China

10) Cyprus

Coat of Arms of Cyprus

11) Georgia

Greater Coat of Arms of Georgia

12) India

Emblem of India

13) Indonesia

Coat of Arms of Indonesia Garuda Pancasila

14) Iran

Coat of Arms of Iran

15) Iraq

Coat of arms(emblem) of Iraq

16) Israel

Emblem of Israel

17) Japan

Imperial Seal of Japan

Government seal of Japan

Goshichi no kiri

18) Jordan

Coat of Arms of Jordan

19) Kazakhstan

Coat of arms of Kazakhstan

20) North Korea

Coat of Arms of North Korea

21) South Korea

Coat of arms of South Korea

22) Kuwait

Coat of Arms of Kuwait

23) Kyrgyzstan

National emblem of Kyrgyzstan

24) Laos

Coat of arms of Laos

25) Lebanon

Coat of Arms of Lebanon

26)  Malaysia

Coat of arms of Malaysia

27) Maldives

Coat of Arms of Maldives

28) Mongolia

State emblem of Mongolia

29) Myanmar/Burma

State Seal of Myanmar

30) Nepal

Coat of Arms of Nepal

31) Oman

Coat of arms of Oman

32) Pakistan

Coat of arms of Pakistan

33)  Philippines

Coat of Arms of the Philippines

34) Qatar

Coat of Arms of Qatar

35) Russia

Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation

36) Saudi Arabia

Coat of armsof Saudi Arabia

37) Singapore

Coat of arms of Singapore

38) Sri Lanka

Coat of arms of Sri Lanka

39) Syria

Coat of arms of Syria

40) Tajikistan

Coat of arms of Tajikistan

41) Thailand

Thai Garuda emblem

42) Timor-Leste

Coat of arms of East Timor

43) Turkey

No Coat of Arms..:):)

44) Turkmenistan

Coat of Arms of Turkmenistan

45) United Arab Emirates

Coat of arms of the United Arab Emirates

46) Uzbekistan

Coat of Arms of Uzbekistan

47) Vietnam/Viet nam

Coat of arms of Vietnam

49) Yemen

Coat of Arms of Yemen


Others :

1) Armoiries des iles Cocos

Coat of Arms of Armoiries des iles Cocos
Coat of Arms of Armoiries des iles Cocos


2) British Indian Ocean Territory

British Indian Ocean Territory coat of arms
British Indian Ocean Territory coat of arms

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