Puzzle : A Strange Liar

Ravi is a strange liar. He lies on six days of the week, but on the seventh day he always tells the truth. He made the following statements on three successive days:

Day 1: “I lie on Monday and Tuesday.”
Day 2: “Today, it’s Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday.”
Day 3: “I lie on Wednesday and Friday.”

On which day does Ravi tell the truth?


We know that Ravi tells the truth on only a single day of the week. If the statement on day 1 is untrue, this means that he tells the truth on Monday or Tuesday. If the statement on day 3 is untrue, this means that he tells the truth on Wednesday or Friday. Since Ravi tells the truth on only one day, these statements cannot both be untrue. So, exactly one of these statements must be true, and the statement on day 2 must be untrue.

Assume that the statement on day 1 is true. Then the statement on day 3 must be untrue, from which follows that Ravi tells the truth on Wednesday or Friday. So, day 1 is a Wednesday or a Friday. Therefore, day 2 is a Thursday or a Saturday. However, this would imply that the statement on day 2 is true, which is impossible. From this we can conclude that the statement on day 1 must be untrue.

This means that Ravi told the truth on day 3 and that this day is a Monday or a Tuesday. So day 2 is a Sunday or a Monday. Because the statement on day 2 must be untrue, we can conclude that day 2 is a Monday.

So day 3 is a Tuesday. Therefore, the day on which Ravi tells the truth is Tuesday.


An explorer wishes to cross a barren desert

An explorer wishes to cross a barren desert that requires 6 days to cross, but one man can only carry enough food for 4 days. What is the fewest number of other men required to help carry enough food for him to cross?


The answer is clearly that only two other men are required. The first helper only goes one day into the desert. He feeds the other two men during the first day, so that at the beginning of the second day, he only has one day rations left. So he goes back to camp. On the second day, the second helper feeds himself and the explorer. On the beginning of the third day the helper now has two days rations left so he heads back. The explorer is two days into the journey and still has all four days of his food left, so he continues on alone.

Pound of cotton or a Pound of gold

Which would you say is heavier, a pound of cotton or a pound of gold?


A pound of cotton is heavier than a pound of gold because cotton is weighted by the avoirdupois pound, which consists of 16 ounces, whereas gold, being a precious metal is weighted by the troy pound which consists 12 ounces.

(Generally we can say, one ounce of gold is heavier than one ounce of cotton and one pound of gold is lighter than one pound of cotton. )

Puzzle: Birds in branches

birds on branches

There were some birds sitting on two branches of a tree.

One of the birds of Branch A says to the birds on the Branch B “one of u comes here and we will be equal.”

In reply Branch B bird Say “one of u come here and we would be double compare to u.”

Now say how many birds were their on branch A and branch B


 From first sentence, we get A+1 = B-1 which gives B=A+2

From Second Sentence, we get 2(A-1) = B+1 which gives B = 2A-3

Comparing, we get A as 5 and B as 7.

Branch A = 5 birds

Branch B = 7 birds

Puzzle: Two Hour Glasses

You have two hourglasses: a 7 minute one and an 11 minute one. Using just these hourglasses, how can you accurately measure time 15 minutes?


Hour Glass


Answer :

1.Start both the 7 minute hour glass & 11 minute hour glass.

2. Wait till the 7 minute hour glass times out. Time is 7 minute!

3. Restart the 7 minute hour glass. At this time 11 minute hour glass will have 4 minutes left to time out.

4. As soon as 11 minute glass times out invert the 7 minute hour glass. Total time now is 11 minutes.

5. After inverting 7 minute hour glass, it will now have 4 minutes left for time out.

6. After these 4 minutes times out, the total time is 15 minutes.

Puzzle: Wine Barrel

There is a barrel with no lid and some wine in it.
“This barrel of wine is more than half full,” said Kiran.
“No it’s not,” says Rahul. “It’s less than half full.”

Without any measuring implements and without removing any wine from the barrel, how can they easily determine who is correct?



Tilt the barrel until the wine barely touches the lip of the barrel. If the bottom of the barrel is visible then it is less than half full.If the barrel bottom is still completly coverd by the wine, then it is more than half full.


Puzzle: A Dog, a Cow and a Goat were stolen

A Dog, a Cow and a Goat were stolen. Three suspects got caught: Rahul, Mithun and Ram. Each person stole one animal, but we do not know who stole which. Here are the investigation statements.

Rahul said: Ram stole the Dog.

Mithun said: Ram stole the Cow.

Ram said: They both were lying. I did not steal the Dog or the Cow.

Later on, the police found out the man who stole the goat told a lie. The man who stole the dog told the truth. Can you find out who stole which?



Ram stole the Cow

Rahul stole the Goat

Mithun stole the Dog


The man who stole the dog told the truth. All we need to do is to find out who was that.

If Rahul had stolen the dog he would not said: Ram stole the dog. He should said: I stole the dog or Ram did not steal the dog. If Ram had stolen the dog, he would not said: I did steal the dog.

So Mithun stole the dog. What he said was true: Ram stole the cow. Then Rahul stole the goat and told a lie.