Today’s Word : stupefy

Word : stupefy
(STOO-puh-fy, STYOO-) 


verb tr.:
1. To make someone so bored or tired as unable to think clearly.
2. To amaze. 

From French stupéfier (to astound), from Latin stupefacere (to make stupid or senseless), from stupere (to be numb or amazed) + facere (to make). Earliest documented use: before 1600. 

“Craig Kimbrel’s stuff has an almost narcotic attraction to it, an irresistible quality that can stupefy.”
Steve Hummer; Braves Closer Took Unusual Path to Role; The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia); May 21, 2011. 

Explore “stupefy” in the Visual Thesaurus. 

courtesy: wordsmith


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