Today’s Word : ignominy

Word : ignominy


(IG-nuh-min-ee, ig-NOM-uh-nee)  loudspeakericon


noun: 1. Public disgrace. 2. Disgraceful quality or conduct.


Via French, from Latin ignominia. Ultimately from the Indo-European root no-men- (name) which also gave us name, anonymous, noun, synonym, eponym, renown, nominate, misnomer, and moniker. Earliest documented use: 1540.


“Nor is JAL likely to suffer the ignominy of an immediate slump in the share price, as Facebook did after its IPO, analysts say.”
From Bloated to Floated; The Economist (London, UK); Sep 15, 2012.

Explore “ignominy” in the Visual Thesaurus.

(courtesy : wordsmith)


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