Today’s Word : Somnolence

Word: somnolence




noun: A state of sleepiness or drowsiness.


From Latin somnus (sleep). Ultimately from the Indo-European root swep- (to sleep), which is also the source of insomnia, hypnosis, soporific (inducing sleep), soporose (sleepy), somnambulate (to walk in sleep), and Sanskrit svapnah (dream). Earliest documented use: around 1386.


Somnopathy, a variant of somnipathy, the word for a sleep disorder, has four consecutive letters from the alphabet.


“The electorate entered a new phase of alertness following a sustained period of disengagement from politics, bordering on somnolence.”
Hugh Mackay; Voters Sense a Howard Weakness; The Age (Melbourne, Australia); Mar 10, 2007.

Explore “somnolence” in the Visual Thesaurus.


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