Today’s Word : coronary

Word: coronary




1. Of or relating to the crown.
2. Of or relating to the heart.
3. Of or relating to the arteries or veins of the heart.
4. A heart attack.
5. The office of a coroner.


From Latin coronarius (of a crown), from corona (crown). Ultimately from the Indo-European root sker- (to turn or bend), which is also the source of ranch, rank, shrink, circle, circa, crisp, search, ring, curb, ridge, curve, and corolla. Earliest documented use: 1610.


The literal meaning of the word refers to a crown. It came to be applied to the heart from the allusion to the blood vessels that encircle the heart like a crown. And a coroner is named so because he was an officer of the crown.


“Previously, patients with coronary issues had to travel to Lautoka to have their condition assessed.”
Margaret Wise; Lifeline for Heart Patients; Fiji Times; Jul 22, 2010.

“In my fifth consulship I remitted thirty-five thousand pounds weight of coronary gold.”
Kenneth John Atchity; The Classical Roman Reader; Oxford University Press; 1998.

“Many of the writs relate to the offices of Regality, Justiciary, Coronary, and Admiralty of St. Andrew’s.”
Report of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts (London, UK); 1872.

Explore “coronary” in the Visual Thesaurus.


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