Today’s Word : recondite

Word : recondite


(REK-uhn-dyt, ri-KON-dyt)



1. Concerned with a profound, esoteric, or difficult subject.
2. Little known; obscure.


From Latin recondere (to hide), re- (back) + condere (to put together), from con- (with) + -dere (to put). Earliest documented use: 1619.


“With its fragmented words, multilingual puns and recondite allusions, the verse of Paul Celan hovers on the edge of untranslatability.”
Mark M. Anderson; A Poet at War With His Language; The New York Times; Dec 31, 2000.

“The sight of beautiful people making beautiful babies is a huge turn-on; but a recondite TV actress dying in a state of dementia, as Marty would say, ‘not so much’.”
Lynn Crosbie; Brangelina Babies; The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada); Aug 5, 2008.

Explore “recondite” in the Visual Thesaurus.


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