Today’s Word : plenary

Word : plenary


(PLEE-nuh-ree, PLEN-uh-ree)


1. Full; complete; absolute.
2. Having all members of a meeting in attendance.


From Latin plenarius (fully attended, complete), from plenus (full). Earliest documented use: 1425.


“Mr. Kadirgamar said the rebels’ demand for plenary powers in the northeast would lead to an ‘erosion of powers’ of the Sri Lankan Government.”
V.S. Sambandan; Chandrika Declares Short-term Emergency; The Hindu (Chennai, India); Nov 6, 2003.

“Inigo de Oriol had presented his resignation but it had yet to be accepted as the meeting was not a plenary session.”
Fallout from Spanish Energy Takeover; Agence France Presse (Paris, France); Sep 14, 2005.

Explore “plenary” in the Visual Thesaurus.


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