Todays Word: pinstriped

Word: pinstriped




1. Having a pattern of thin parallel lines.
2. Formal, conventional, or conservative: relating to the attitudes and opinions of people typically in such dress, for example, those in the legal or financial professions.


Businesspeople, such as bankers and lawyers, are typically seen in suits made of fabric in pattern of narrow stripes. From this association the term has acquired its metaphorical sense. Earliest documented use: 1880.


“What Verizon will certainly do is unload the full weight of its legal might on 101 Monroe St. in a fit of pinstriped mutually assured destruction.”
Bruce Henoch; Why Verizon Picked Montgomery for Its Battle; The Gazette (Gaithersburg, Maryland); Jul 21, 2006.

Explore “pinstriped” in the Visual Thesaurus.


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