Todays Word: fugue

Word: fugue




1. A musical form in which a theme is repeated in several voices and developed into a complex pattern.
2. A pathological state of consciousness in which someone appears to be conscious of one’s actions but has no memory of them after returning to a normal state.


From Italian fuga (escape, flight), from Latin fuga (flight), from fugere (to flee) which is also the source of fugitive, centrifugal, subterfuge, refuge, and fugacious. Earliest documented use: 1597.


“The balance between strings, harpsichord, and flute was spot on during the meshing lines of the fugue.”
Libby Hanssen; Second Summerfest Concert Challenges the Status Quo; Kansas City Star; Jul 17, 2011.

“On the subway home, I opened my bags to see what, in my shopping-induced fugue state, I had actually purchased.”
Ariel Kaminer; It’s Always Sunny in Targetland; The New York Times; Jul 30, 2010.

Explore “fugue” in the Visual Thesaurus.


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