Daily Thirukural: Kural #69

Today we are going to see the Nineth  kural from “The Wealth of Children”


Thirukkural / Holy Kural

Chapter 7.


1.2 இல்லறவியல்

1.2  Domestic Virtue 

1.2.3 புதல்வரைப் பெறுதல் 

1.2.3  The Wealth of Children


69 – ஈ.ன்ற பொழுதின் பெரிதுவக்கும் தன்மகனைச்

சான்றோன் எனக்கேட்ட தாய்.


நல்ல மகனைப் பெற்றெடுத்தவள் என்று ஊரார் பாராட்டும் பொழுது அவனைப் பெற்றபொழுது அடைந்த மகிழ்ச்சியைவிட அதிக மகிழ்ச்சியை அந்தத் தாய் அடைவாள்.


69) When mother hears him named ‘fulfill’d of wisdom’s lore,’
Far greater joy she feels, than when her son she bore.


The mother who hears her son called “a wise man” will rejoice more than she did at his birth.


One thought on “Daily Thirukural: Kural #69

  1. Lakshmanan K November 2, 2011 / 7:49 AM


    Very nice to see the thirukural explanation.
    I got your blog while searching wallpapers in google.

    Actually I’m looking for thirukural wallpaper where we can see the picture as a meaning for a kural. But I couldn’t see anywhere in the web like that.
    if you could do it, please update it in your blog. I’m very glad to see as such :)

    Thanks for the valuable thing posted
    Lakshmanan K

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