Todays Word: pantywaist

Word: “pantywaist”




noun: An weak or effeminate man.
adjective: Weak; cowardly; effeminate.


A pantywaist was formerly a child’s undergarment in which a shirt and pants were buttoned together at the waist. Earliest documented use: 1910.


“The question on many people’s minds: Will the genteel Mr. Creel, more comfortable buried in legal briefs than in the trenches of hand-to-throat political combat, be able to respond in kind? He doesn’t see himself as a political pantywaist.”
Peter Fritsch and Jose de Cordoba; Would You Fall into Line for This Man?; The Wall Street Journal (New York); Jan 11, 2001.

Explore “pantywaist” in the Visual Thesaurus.


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