Todays Word: “denouement”

Word: denouement



[the final syllable is nasal]


noun: The final resolution of the plot of a story or a complex sequence of events.


From French dénouement (outcome or conclusion; literally, untying), from dénouer (to unknot or undo), from de- (from) + nouer (to tie), from Latin nodus (knot). Ultimately from the Indo-European root ned- (to bind), which is also the source of node, noose, annex, connect, ouch, and nettle. Earliest documented use: 1752.


“But in Japan’s narrative, the denouement is elusive. This disaster story keeps building, growing worse.”
Japan’s Crucible; Chicago Tribune (Illinois); Mar 15, 2011.

Explore “denouement” in the Visual Thesaurus.


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