Todays Word: ” volte-face”

Word: volte-face




noun: A reversal in policy or opinion; about-face.


From French, from Italian voltafaccia, from voltare (to turn), from Vulgar Latin volvitare, frequentative of Latin volvere (to turn) + faccia (face). Earliest documented use: 1819.


“The possibility of a flotation was a remarkable volte-face for Standard Life.”
Carmel Crimmins; Standard Life Pays Its Former Chief More Than £1m; Irish Examiner (Cork, Ireland); Mar 1, 2004.

“Not too long after the panels indicted the former Senate President, the Senate made a volte-face on its action, dumped the documents, and cleared those indicted of any wrongdoing!”
Senate and Unending Bribery Scandals; Daily Times (Lagos, Nigeria); Feb 19, 2004.

Explore “volte-face” in the Visual Thesaurus.


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