Todays Word: “lapidary”

Word: lapidary




1. Relating to precious stones or cutting and polishing them.
2. Having elegance, precision, or refinement suggestive of gem cutting.

1. One who cuts, polishes, or deals in precious stones.
2. The art of cutting and polishing gems.


From Latin lapis (stone). Earliest documented use: 1382.


“The event will feature live and silent auctions of minerals and fossils … and demonstrations of lapidary and jewelry making.”
Earth Science Show Planned; Naperville Sun (Illinois); Feb 8, 2011.

“The beauty of this film is in its lapidary details, which sparkle with feeling and surprise.”
Carina Chocano; Movie Review: Babel; Los Angeles Times; Oct 27, 2006.

Explore “lapidary” in the Visual Thesaurus.



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