Todays Word: “perspicaciousness”

Word: perspicaciousness




noun: Keenness of perception and discernment.


From Latin perspicere (to see through), from per- (through) + -spicere, combining form of specere (to look). Ultimately from the Indo-European root spek- (to observe), which is also the ancestor of such words as suspect, spectrum, bishop (literally, overseer), espionage, despise, telescope, spectator, speculum, and spectacles. Earliest documented use: 1727.


“I have to take my hat off to Jean Cocteau, whose perspicaciousness enabled him to predict the current thriving anime scene back in the early 1950s.”
Henshu Techo; Musings; The Daily Yomiuri (Tokyo, Japan); Dec 4, 2004.

Explore “perspicaciousness” in the Visual Thesaurus.



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