Todays Word: “triskaidekaphobia”

Word: triskaidekaphobia




noun: Fear of the number 13.


From Greek treiskaideka (thirteen), from treis (three) + kai (and) + deka (ten) + phobia (fear). Earliest documented use: 1911.


Why do some people fear the number 13? It’s one more than a dozen, which leaves out an unlucky one if you divide something in groups of two, three, four, or six. It’s also said that there were 13 people in the Last Supper. Friday the 13th is considered especially unlucky by many, while in some cultures, in the Spanish-speaking world, for example, it’s Tuesday the 13th that is believed to be unlucky.


“Chowrasia probably suffering from triskaidekaphobia bungled on the 13th and allowed Harmeet to get a firm grip on the title.”
Harmeet Takes Trophy; The Hindu (Chennai, India); Dec 23, 2006.

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