Todays Word: “gazette”

Word: gazette




1. A newspaper (now mostly used in the name of newspapers, for example, the Montreal Gazette).
2. An official journal of an organization, for example, a government journal listing appointment, promotions, etc.

verb tr.:
1. To announce in an official journal.
2. To publish the appointment of someone in an official journal.


From French, from Italian gazzetta (news sheet), from Venetian gazeta (a small coin), diminutive of gaza (magpie). The news sheet may have been named so because it sold for a gazeta or its content was compared to the chattering of magpies. The coin may have been named from its marking. Earliest documented use: 1607.


“The printing was completed last night and copies of the gazettes will be sent to the Parliament Secretariat this morning.”
Oath in a Day or Two; The Daily Star (Dhaka, Bangladesh); Jan 2, 2009.

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