Todays Word: “pedigree”

Word: pedigree




1. Lineage or ancestry.
2. A distinguished ancestry.
3. The origin or history of a person or thing.


From Anglo-Norman pé de grue (crane’s foot), from p´ (foot) + de (of) + grue (crane), from the resemblance of a crane’s foot to the succession lines in a genealogical chart. Earliest documented use: 1425.


“Keep reading to see which dogs have the pedigree and which are fresh from the puppy mill.”
David A. Keeps; The Look for Less; Los Angeles Times; Feb 22, 2011.

“Bernard James stands out with a basketball pedigree that’s unique in the ACC.”
Liz Clarke; Florida State’s Bernard James; Washington Post; Feb 23, 2011.

Explore “pedigree” in the Visual Thesaurus.



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