Todays Word: “seadog”

Word: seadog





1. A veteran sailor.

2. A harbor seal.

3. A pirate or privateer.

4. A faint rainbow-like formation seen in foggy conditions. Also called mistbow, fogbow, and white rainbow.


From sea + dog, from use of the word dog as a playful term to refer to someone, as in old dog. Earliest documented use: 1598.


“But seadog Cyril Howarth — who is nicknamed Admiral Cyril — fears his days navigating his favourite waters could be torpedoed after an investigation was launched by canal bosses.”

Paul Fielding; Fylde Sailor Builds Nazi Submarine; The Gazette (Blackpool, UK); Oct 7, 2010.


“Forget the seadogs that Captain Hook unleashed on the Lost Boys. Forget Long John Silver and his parrot. The most famous brigands debuted in 1879.”

Lawrence Bommer; Light Opera revives Pirates of Penzance; Chicago Tribune; Dec 20, 2002.


Explore “seadog” in the Visual Thesaurus.



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