Todays Word: ” parity”

Word: parity




noun: Equality in amount, status, etc.


Via French from Latin paritas, from par (equal). Earliest documented use: 1572.


“That means that the parity of the Australian dollar against the greenback, loved by Aussies heading overseas but hated by exporters, is more accident than design.”
Ian McIlwraith; Pressure on China for Yuan Move; The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia); Nov 12, 2010.


1. The condition of having given birth.
2. The number of children born by a woman.


From Latin parere (to give birth). Earliest documented use: 1877.


“It wasn’t just ageing parity — women waiting until their mid-30s to have a child — that forced the change.”
Zoe Williams; How the Inventor of the Pill Changed the World for Women; The Guardian (London, UK); Oct 30, 2010.

Explore “parity” in the Visual Thesaurus.



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