Todays Word: “dyspeptic”

Todays Word: “dyspeptic”




adjective: 1. Relating to or suffering from dyspepsia (indigestion). 2. Having a bad temper; gloomy; irritable.
noun: One suffering from dyspepsia.


Via Latin from Greek dys- (bad) + peptos (digested). Ultimately from the Indo-European root pekw- (to cook or ripen), which is also the source of cook, cuisine, kitchen, kiln, biscuit, apricot (an early-ripening peach, literally speaking), pumpkin, and Hindi pakka (ripened, cooked). Earliest documented use: 1694.


“It’s the 1300s, and plague and pestilence have left those still alive in sour, dyspeptic moods.”
Steven Rea; Sir Knight Nicolas in a 1300s Slog; Philadelphia Inquirer; Jan 8, 2011.

Explore “dyspeptic” in the Visual Thesaurus.



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