Nokia E6 Leaked out images

Nokia’s upcoming E6 (E6-00) has now got some leaked images, and, news of sporting a large VGA resolution touch screen.While it still retains the same form factor as the E71 and E72, and is considered the successor the successful E5, the leaked images of the Nokia E6 show it sport an 8MP camera, possibly the same as the E7, along with LED flash.

While it is still a little incredible to believe the resolution will be upgraded from the former nHD (640×360) to nearly twice the original (VGA – 640×480), this is in keeping with the latest trends, something Nokia is no doubt aware of.

After looking at the pictures one is sure that the phone which was highly anticipated comes with no extra display features than a slightly rounded version of Nokia E71. The rear side of the device features an above average sized speaker phone, sporting an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash. The design is loaded with rounded edges with redesigned QWERTY keyboard, however no bigger screen on the front side.

The most anticipated VGA screen might be incorporated with a resolution of (640×480 pixels) and it may or may not run Symbian^3. The so called front facing camera is included which is showcased in most Nokia mobiles even before the launch of immensely successful video chat features given by Apple and Google.

The handset incorporated more shortcut buttons than we have ever seen before. Also, the user friendly track pad at the centre makes it easy socially active phone. However, at this time we might be boggled by certain questions like, whether or not the screen is touch enabled as the screen doesn’t seen to be very big, it probably is not a touch screen, but why, why can’t Nokia make something incorporating the beauty of both the worlds, maintaining the QWERTY shape and touch screen feature, keeping in mind the form factor of E6.

The connectivity features in Nokia E6 are promising; it is sporting a pentaband 3G facility with high speed internet access. Also, tremendous amount of battery life is expected as the screen is less than three inches in breadth.


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