Todays Word: “helot”

Todays Word: “helot”


(HEL-uht, HEE-luht)


noun: A serf or slave.


After Helos, a town in Laconia in ancient Greece, whose inhabitants were enslaved. First recorded use: 1579.


Another word derived from the name of a town in Laconia is spartan, which is coined after Sparta, the capital of Laconia. And Laconia has a word coined after it too: laconic.


“Many wind up in jobs irrelevant to their training. That helot frothing your coffee expected to become a barrister, not a barista.”
Jonathan Guthrie; Russell Groupies to Target Newbie Unis; Financial Times (London, UK); Sep 23, 2010.

Explore “helot” in the Visual Thesaurus.



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