Todays Word: Procumbent

Todays Word: procumbent




1. Lying face down; prone; prostrate.
2. Of a plant: Growing along the ground without putting new roots.


From Latin procumbent- (bending forward), present participle of procumbere (to lean forward), from pro- (forward) + cumbere (to lie down). Earliest documented use: 1668.


“You could lie procumbent on the beach, spot whales and dolphins at some remote shore or daydream of nasty officemates tripping and falling into that lovely volcano.”
Aloha Tales; American Theatre (New York); May 2004.

“Ground covers and procumbent shrubs are ideal for embankments and low garden borders.”
Valerie and Gerry Zwart; Tourism Blossoms; Sunshine Coast Daily (Australia); Aug 14, 2009.

Explore “procumbent” in the Visual Thesaurus.

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