A word A day

Today onwards I decide to post english words daily..It contains meaning,pronunciation,etymology,Usage of that word.I think it will update our vocabulary knowledge daily..So keep in touch..This is my first post in “WORDS”





adjective Of or relating to the bottom of a sea or lake.


From Greek benthos (depth of the sea). Earliest documented use: 1902.


“Tuesday night, despite benthic scores once again, Brissie and partner Mark Ballas survived another week on Dancing with the Stars.”
Your Daily Dose of Gossip; Philadelphia Inquirer (Pennsylvania); Nov 18, 2010.

Explore “benthic” in the Visual Thesaurus.

benthic is an  isogram (word with no letters repeated)


One thought on “A word A day

  1. steffi January 31, 2011 / 1:38 PM

    this website is incredible.I like the stories and they are superb and entertaining.This website is all in all and could be visited by eveyone from childrens to old people as contains many details about finance for old ,projects for students,stories for children, daily news etc.i like the quiz part.especially daily a word helps me to increase my vacuobulary skills.especially the books are awesome.
    your efforts are tremendous. good work.keep it up.:)

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